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How to copy data with "Long Raw" columns

From time to time I will be faced the problem to move data from one table to another. Under normal circumstances this is not a big deal, but if the source table contains a long-/raw column this is impossible to manage that with plain SQL. So here is a suitable workaround to solve this problem with a few lines of PL/SQL code


Starting point is a table with a long raw column:

insert into long_table
select 'new id',
       long_column /* LONG-Feld */
  from long_table a
 where a.long_id = 'some old id';

This ends up with "ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype error"


The workaround is:

  l_rec_long_table long_table%rowtype;
  select *
    into l_rec_long_table
    from long_table a
   where a.long_id = 'some old id';
  insert into long_table
    ('new id',


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